Our Stellar 1st

  • 1. Enabled setting up the 1st state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing facility in Central America from concept-to-commercialization

  • 2. Set-up of the 1st R & D centre & technology transfer of rHBsAg vaccine to Hacetteppe University, Ankara, Turkey

  • 3. Secured 1st long term supply contract of a human vaccine - NUPCO (Saudi Arabia) from a BRICS country

  • 4. Developing 1st novel paediatric combination vaccine (Hexa) with a cross border partnership from 2 BRICS countries

  • 5. Enabled 1st technology transfer of Hib conjugate vaccine into a CIS country along with facility design

  • 6. Bringing in to India, the world's first and only oral cholera vaccine in LDPE unidose

  • 7. Enabled manufacturing of India‚Äôs 1 Hepatitis A vaccine at Biological E. Ltd., Hyderabad

  • 8. Bringing the world's 1st recombinant pertussis vaccine to India

  • 9. Certain novel serotypes being worked upon for the 1st time in the world for pneumococcal conjugate vaccine & human papillomavirus vaccine

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