To better serve the biopharmaceutical global market, Virchow Biotech Pvt. Ltd. and TechInvention Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. formed a joint venture VirchowTech, dedicated to the commercial production for vaccines and biologics. The business generates synergy by leveraging optimal use of the extensive resources to enable capacity building and affordability.

VirchowTech is home to an ISO 13485:2012 and WHO-GMP-certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a highly innovative and motivated research team and a manufacturing staff who will not settle for anything less than the highest quality. The manufacturing set up encompasses production units, testing laboratories, research and development facilities, warehouse and packaging divisions.

With strong regulatory compliance status with GMP certifications from the regulatory bodies in India, US, Brazil, Columbia, and Canada, the company is in a position to export to more than 15 nations .With extensive manufacturing capability, the company excels in handling large-scale production of complex products of varied technologies, formulations, and modes of administration.

Features of the Facility

The manufacturing infrastructure has eight modular facilities which include suites dedicated to fermentation products, multi-product handling (vials/lyophilized, cartridges) and Oral Solid Doses, with specialized formulation arenas for Topical lines, Parenteral and Pre-filled Syringes along with a designated blow/fill/seal (BSF) technology facility and a contraceptive production facility.

It consists of

  • A cell culture area that includes a wave bioreactor and a stirred bioreactor.
  • Purification area equipped with buffer preparation vessels and an AKTA purification system.
  • An area for depyrogenation and washing of vials
  • Filtration area
  • Vial and Ampoule Filling Area with a vial filling and sealing machine
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • Incubator room with MLT, BET, and sterility testing facilities
  • Advanced analytical equipment such as HPLCs with various detectors (UV, ELSD-LTS, RI, PDA, FL)
  • Lyophilizers
  • Environmental and Stability chambers
  • Storage Freezers
  • Laboratory suites are fitted with fume hoods, Laminar flow hoods and Biological safety cabinets.

The advantage of using a CDM is Companies can expand their technical capabilities without the burden and associated risks of investing in expensive resources. The strain on vaccine industry is being felt both within the country and abroad. Moreover, post successful manufacturing of Sputnik V, other vaccine candidates targeting emerging infectious diseases can be worked upon using this viral vector vaccine platform.

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