Saudi Arabia. The spiritual home of Islam. A fascinating blend of modern and ancient. The largest state in the Middle East. Home to several ancient cultures and one of the earliest sites of human civilisation. And with their dominant place in the oil industry, Saudi Arabia is not a country that wants for anything.

Except possibly when it comes to medicine. Saudi Arabia is largely dependent on exports when it comes to public vaccination. These vaccines were mostly imported from the US and Europe, at high costs, making public healthcare a very expensive proposition for the kingdom. At one point, during a surge in Hepatitis, there was a global shortage of the Hepatitis A vaccine and Saudi Arabia actually wrote to WHO to see if they could suspend their public immunisation program. WHO advised the government against suspending the program and asked them to find alternative sources for the vaccine.

Modern problems require modern solutions. Which is where we came in. There are very few vaccine manufactures in the world who could have helped the Saudi government. We identified the correct manufacturer from Asia, performed the due diligence and got the vaccine checked in European labs to ensure quality. We started supplying small orders to Saudi Arabia and over time, with the success of our initial deployment, we entered into a long-term supply contract with the Saudi government.

This project was a massive success on several fronts. This was the first time a vaccine from East Asia was imported into Saudi Arabia. This allowed Saudi Arabia to continue their immunisation program without supply or commercial constraints.

This project has opened up possibilities for many companies to supply their vaccines to middle income countries. Our experience ensures that we are the partner of choice to help you get there.

How we can help you

We offer our expertise and support to companies and organisations of all sizes as well as lifesciences investors and select academia. By working with us you will benefit from our incomparable domain knowledge and proven experience coupled with innovative strategies to ensure timely success for your initiative.

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