Proud to be incubated at BSC BioNEST Bio-Incubator (BBB)

Despite significant advances in medical science in the 21st century, infectious diseases continue to be the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. While the world continues to grapple with this challenge, a plethora of newly emerging and reemerging diseases render the situation acute. Some of these are zoonotic and result in pandemics of the kind we are witnessing with COVID-19, especially if transmission isn’t interrupted in time. Plus antigenic shifts and drifts pose a continuous threat to the effectiveness of the management options or interventions.

Biologics are emerging as a promising domain to tackle these diseases, given their broad-based nature, with vaccines as prophylactics and monoclonal antibodies as therapeutics. However, the lack of infrastructure to develop and manufacture these necessary novel biologics threatens the developing world ability to tackle the problem effectively, often resulting in a far adverse impact.

Techinvention was founded with a mission to bring global health equity, especially to the developing world in the area of biologics. We fervently believe that ‘Access to essential and novel biologics should not be the privilege of only the affording few.’

To bring our mission to life, we offer strategic and technical advisory services to organizations of all types and sizes primarily in the developing world. Our advisory services include capacity building for development and manufacturing of vaccines and other novel biologics. In the short time since our founding, we have supported several initiatives of critical importance with successful project outcomes across Africa, Latin America and Asia.

We are incubated at the prestigious BSC BioNEST Bio-Incubator (BBB), Regional Centre for Biotechnology at NCR Biotech Science Cluster, Faridabad India to accelerate our indigenous novel biologics development program with contemporary recombinant platforms.


The essence of global health equity is the idea that something so precious as health might be viewed as a right.

Paul Farmer

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