A few of our stories behind the science

Novel Biotherapeutics for SARS-CoV-2

We've successfully generated two scFv libraries using phage display technologies from the convalescent plasma of Covid-19 recovered patients.
The library includes one billion different clones of antibody genes (VHs-Vκs and VHs-VLs) with high probability to get high affinity fully human antibodies and will be used for the development of monoclonal antibody against multiple proteins of SARS-CoV-2 to address mutations.

Once upon a time in Nicaragua

We helped set up the first indigenous vaccine manufacturing facility in Central America.
Mechnikov Biotech led this joint venture between the governments of Russia and Nicaragua to set up a showcase manufacturing facility for the production of vaccines and other immunological preparations, Nicaragua’s first vaccine manufacturing project.

Paving the way for local vaccine development in Turkey

We enabled the first successful development of a contemporary recombinant vaccine in Turkey
Haceteppe University was mandated by the ministry to set up a novel vaccine development centre and they approached us to help set up Turkey’s first vaccine laboratory for indigenous manufacture of vaccines.

Supporting public health in Saudi Arabia

We oversaw the first successful import and deployment of a vaccine from East Asia into Saudi Arabia
High costs of the Hepatitis vaccine due to a supply shortage was affecting Saudi Arabia's public immunisation program. This is when they asked us for help, importing a vaccine from East Asia to allow the program to continue unimpeded.

Enabling good health for the “giant of Africa”

We drafted a comprehensive master plan to indigenize vaccine manufacturing in Nigeria
BioVaccines Nigeria Ltd (BVNL) was established to prioritise vaccines and enable indigenous manufacturing in Nigeria. They asked us for help in creating a comprehensive strategy to further their mission.
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